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Letter to the Editor: Mayor out of line to sign name to letter

By   /  July 25, 2014  /  No Comments

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Dear Editor,

On June 30, Ready Nation Illinois director Sean Noble messaged Collinsville Mayor John Miller and Mr. Kevin Weinacht stating the BND never printed their letter this spring.

Typewriter / Photo by Roger Starkey

Typewriter / Photo by Roger Starkey

Ironically, the Post-Dispatch has not printed my rebuttal to the July 12 letter Noble drafted captioned, Illinois’ cut in childcare hurt families and businesses.

My rebuttal questioned the authority of Miller and Weinacht for using their names as the authors. The “Kevin Weinacht, Collinsville” is a misrepresentation since he resides in Glen Carbon. Beneath that misrepresentation it further states “Chairman, Collinsville Economic Development Commission.”

Weinacht & Associates on Bluff Road is his business. A special city rule allows non-resident business owners to be members of Boards & Commissions, which I believe breeds conflict of interest.

Further, the letter is also signed “Mayor John Miller, Collinsville.” Our city has a weak Mayor form of government and three Council votes are required for any action. Then by what authority did Miller have to co-sign a published letter, especially one that was written for him by Sean Noble.

Said letter ended by stating, “investing in children makes good sense.” Illinois is drowning in debt, so there is nothing to invest. Just recently a decline was made in their bond rating.

Councilman Nancy Moss, Jeff Kypta and Karen Woolard abdicate their responsibilities by failing to take action to confront how Mayor John Miller administers his duty.

Bob DesPain, Collinsville

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